Extrusion / Plastic Tubes

Special dimensions are our strength!

Are you looking for plastic tubes in the size range of 4-60 mm? Then you are in the right place.

We produce plastic tubes in the size of 4-60 mm outside diameter without expensive tool costs. The required calibrations for the production of the outside diameters are always available. If not, new dimensions can be inserted into the existing basic-conception for tools with little effort. The inside diameter, wall thickness and fixed lengths of the tubes can easily be adapted without problems according to your requests. The tubes can also be colored in white, black, dark grey, light grey, red, blue, green and yellow. Transparent UPVC-plastic tubes can also be produced. For the production of your tubes we use UPVC, PS, ABS, HD-PP and PE.

Processing of plastic tubes

A straight plastic tube will not always solve the customer’s issue – it has to be distorted. Arcs for the sanitary and electrical industry, for plastic tubes to put on gazing balls or for the extended plastic tubes by means of attached sleeve are examples for hot-formed plastic tubes.
All this processing can be provided as well as female and male threads, boreholes into the tubes and bias cuttings to be made. Since we also produce plastic injection moulding articles, a coordinated combination of plastic tubes with moulded parts is also possible.

PVC Tubes

Polyvinyl chloride
High stiffness and toughness
  • soft and malleable by heating
  • odorless and tasteless
  • good insulating function
  • flame retardant

ABS Tubes

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
High surface hardness
  • good impact strength
  • scratch-resistant and matt-glossy surfaces
  • good bonding properties

PP Tubes

higher stiffness, hardness and strength than PE
  • service temperature of approx. 100°C
  • odorless, skin-friendly and plasticizer-free
  • good sliding properties

HD-PE Tubes

High cold impact strength
  • service temperature of approx. 60 – 85 °C
  • high ductility

Application areas

The plastic tubes we produce are used in many application areas:

There are practically no limits to the application possibilities!
You describe your requirements – We work together on a solution!

Price lists

Maybe you expect a delivery programme and a price list at this point. We hope you will understand that because of the big variety of possible materials, outside diameters, fixed lengths and colors we are not in a position to produce such a price list. A price list about the entire production programme would take on gigantic proportions and cause immense costs in the data base!
Since nearly every plastic tube is produced according to our clients’ needs, just give us your special dimensions and the quantity needed – you will quickly receive an individual offer.

Minimum order quantities

The company Camatta-Kunststofferzeugnisse produces no mass-produced articles such as water line pipes, drain pipes or cable channels! We dispose of a stock programme. We specialize in producing smaller plastic tubes. That’s where our main strengths lie.
The word “minimum order requirement” is hardly known to us – we’ll even produce only one single plastic tube if the customer wishes. If this makes an economic sense is another question. However, this is basically possible – once we could help a customer requiring a tube in an unusual dimension to be used as a ventilation tube for a battery in his submarine boat. Even a special tool had to be created…